Inflamed gum - now what?

What happens when gum tissue is unhealthy?

Gum is a protective tissue that surrounds the teeth like a tight cuff. If you have insufficient healthy attached gum tissue, several oral health problems like inflammation, pain, bleeding and loss of bone and gums can occur.


How can gum tissue be regenerated?

Dental surgeons can transplant tissue from the roof of the mouth to the gums. Possible side-effects of tissue transplantation are pain, discomfort and complications with healing at the harvest site.

Geistlich Mucograft® is an alternative to tissue transplantation, for the regeneration of gum tissue with proven clinical success. Collagen matrices such as Geistlich Mucograft® serve as a scaffold supporting your body in generating gum tissue.

Your dentist will advise you on a suitable surgical approach individually adapted for you.


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Verena Vermeulen
Senior Scientific Communication Manager