Orthoss® as an alternative or supplement to autlogous bone

To repair bone defects, human bone grafts are still widely considered the gold standard. But with both autografts and allografts, there are several known risks and disadvantages. These include the risk of disease transmission, donor site pain, and the limited availability or quality of material.1,2 To ensure the quality and safety of a procedure, a bone substitute may be preferable.

Orthoss® is a bone graft substitute intended for bone regeneration in aseptic indications. This includes the filling of bone voids following trauma, reconstruction in orthopaedics and in spinal surgery.

Orthoss® can be used:

  • for the filling and reconstruction of aseptic bone defects for example

    • fill harvest sites for autologous bone
    • after fracture fixation management
    • after osteotomy
    • after benign tumor resection and bone cyst curettage
    • after removal of metal implants

  • in spinal surgery during, for example, the reconstruction of vertebral defects or during interbody fusion as cage filling material or for posterolateral fusion
  • for bone reconstruction during arthroplasty and revision arthroplasty
  • as composite graft in the treatment of non-unions and pseudarthrosis
  • during arthrodesis.


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Dr. Sanja Saftic
International Product Manager