Animal origin

Animal tissues as raw materials for clinically proven and effective products

The natural structures of animal tissues from which our products are derived have specific properties that are uniquely beneficial to patients and enable Geistlich medical devices to be clinically successful.

A range of published data provides compelling evidence for the outstanding clinical performance and the leading role of Geistlich medical devices in the field of orthopaedic and maxillofacial surgery.

Transmission of zoonotic agents represents a potential risk when using animal tissues as raw materials for medical products. Specific and efficient concerted measures need to be implemented to assure the safety of animal tissue-derived products in humans.

The raw materials we use are sourced exclusively from animals that have undergone official veterinary inspection and certified as fit for human consumption, and from certified and officially inspected slaughterhouses.

Orthoss® is derived from bovine bone sourced in Australia, and the porcine tissue for the production of the collagen matrix Chondro-Gide® is sourced in Switzerland.

To safely, reproducibly and reliably inactivate and remove pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores and parasites, all animal tissues used in our products as raw material are subjected to controlled and validated chemical and physical treatments. Before clearance all products are sterilised with a validated gamma-irradiation process.


Dr. Sanja Saftic
International Product Manager