Kelosoft® product application

Scar cream with green oil derived from henbane Kelosoft® is a cream designed to treat scars and contains the active ingredient green oil (derived from henbane), which softens and smoothes bulging scars. Scars gradually reduce in size following several months of treatment with Kelosoft®.

In general a visible success is only evident after 6 –12 months. After a certain time Kelosoft® can also be used to prevent the build-up of scar tissues after an injury (burns or cuts) or an operation.


The special skin-friendly cream base makes Kelosoft® easy to massage into the skin.

  • Regular use softens even old scar tissue.
  • Consistent daily use for 2-3 minutes is required.
  • Keloid scars become paler, flatter and are reduced in size.
  • Even old scars become softer.
  • May first be used after 2-3 weeks after surgery to prevent the formation of cosmetically or functionally unfavourable scars, hypertropic scars or contractures.
  • Swissmedic 43770 (list D)

Please consult the package insert.