Geistlich TauroSept®

Safety in use due to outstanding systemic tolerability

Taurolidine is also licensed as an active pharmaceutical ingredient for the local treatment of infections such as peritonitis; up to 200ml of taurolidine 2% are instilled into the abdominal cavity and absorbed fully through the peritoneum. So far, no systemic side effects have been identified. The safety of taurolidine has also been confirmed in clinical studies with long-term intravenous administration of high doses (up to 20 g daily).

In the body, taurolidine is metabolised rapidly via the metabolites taurultam and methylol taurinamide, which also have a bactericidal action, to taurine, an endogenous aminosulphonic acid, CO2 and H2O. Therefore, no toxic effects are known or expected in the event of accidental injection of Geistlich TauroSept®.1,2



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