Geistlich Gelatine®

Gelatine ≠ Gelatine

Depending on the raw material and production process, gelatine types with different composition and properties can be obtained.

Gelatine of high quality from the 1st extraction is characterized by its high degree of swelling (so-called Bloom value). With gentle extraction, it is also possible to obtain valuable accompanying substances such as growth factors of bone and the mucopolysaccharides, as well as important collagen proteins for our connective tissue. Gelatine from Dr. Geistlich is produced by this method.

Hydrolyzed gelatins are no longer capable of swelling and are therefore easily soluble. They have been broken down after extraction by high temperature or reduced by the addition of digestive enzymes. As a result, they mostly lack the valuable components of swellable gelatine with the exception of protein.