Geistlich Gelatine®

Geistlich Gelatine® for beautiful skin, hair, nails and support cartilage tissue

Split and dull hair, nails which tend to break and wrinkled skin are nothing out of the ordinary these days.

An unhealthy lifestyle and negative influences from the environment are often the reason for a lack of important nutrients.

In principle, the body can produce these itself – a deficiency of essential anabolic substances can be specifically balanced by taking Gelatine Granulate.

Geistlich Gelatine® contains natural building materials for our body. Because it comes from organic tissue, it has largely the same composition as corresponding human tissues, such as cartilage, bone and skin.

The absorbed amino acids and peptides (protein components) help to restore the balance between anabolic (build-up) and the corresponding catabolic (breakdown) metabolism of collagen tissues in our body.