03. May 2017

New issue of GEISTLICH NEWS out now!

Managing risks and complications is the prime focus of the current issue of GEISTLICH NEWS – a topic that is relevant for every dental practice.

Tricky situations occur in any practice's daily routine - for example, suture dehiscences or recession around implants. How can risks be detected at an early stage; how can complications be prevented?

While Prof. Bilal Al-Nawas, Germany, discusses the risks of bisphosphonates for implant placement and augmentation procedures, Dr. Michael Norton, UK, focuses on possible complications during sinus floor elevation, Prof. Zhuofan Chen and Dr. Zhipeng Li, China, explain what to take into account when treating older patients, Prof. Stuart Froum, USA, gives an update on the current state-of-the-art of peri-implantitis treatment, Prof. Jaime Lozada, USA, illustrates his key factors for a successful bone augmentation and Dr. Michael Stimmelmayr, Germany, presents a clinical case involving severe alveolitis.

In addition, our Journal Club by Giovanni Salvi, Switzerland, provides an overview of studies dealing with the issue of whether to preserve teeth or replace them with implants. The background section gives you details about the new blog and about the membrane Geistlich Bio-Gide® Compressed!

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