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  • How to proceed after tooth extraction – wait for the bone to heal? Place an implant immediately? Perform a Ridge Preservation? Prof. Ronald Jung, Switzerland, shares his thoughts on the three options for post tooth extraction.

  • Since January Geistlich customers have been able to let other people have their best publications, clinical cases or a statement under the slogan "Key to Success".

  • Immediate implant placement – a valid option or a risky procedure? Prof. Stephen Chen, Australia, discusses the most important diagnostic steps that help to assess and minimize the risk of bone resorption after placing an implant immediately into the extraction socket.

  • Managing risks and complications is the prime focus of the current issue of GEISTLICH NEWS – a topic that is relevant for every dental practice.

  • Can Ridge Preservation by preventing volume loss after tooth extraction help to avoid sinus lift procedures?

  • How did research into bone regeneration start? World-class scientist and GTR/GBR pioneer Prof. Jan Lindhe, Sweden, shares his insights into “the early days of GBR”.

  • This year, Geistlich Pharma will once again be hosting a series of webinars presented by experts from around the world. In 2017, we will be focusing on strategies and techniques that promote successful clinical outcomes.

  • In the new blog over 30 international experts share their knowledge, their therapy approaches and their tricks.

  • The latest issue in the "Treatment concepts" series is now out – with background information and clinical cases on Guided Bone Regeneration.

  • For Geistlich, it was 20+30=1000 for a year. The results.

Verena Vermeulen
Scientific Communication Manager

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