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  • This year, Geistlich Pharma will once again be hosting a series of webinars presented by experts from around the world. In 2017, we will be focusing on strategies and techniques that promote successful clinical outcomes.

  • In the new blog over 30 international experts share their knowledge, their therapy approaches and their tricks.

  • The latest issue in the "Treatment concepts" series is now out – with background information and clinical cases on Guided Bone Regeneration.

  • For Geistlich, it was 20+30=1000 for a year. The results.

  • Bone augmentation, recession coverage, sinus lift – topics that are sometimes difficult to understand for patients. To enable dentists to easily brief patients on their forthcoming treatment, Geistlich Pharma is providing a Patient Information Package specially prepared for patients and dentists.

  • At the EAO in Paris, Geistlich Pharma AG launched the new member of their family of membrane products. Geistlich Bio-Gide® Compressed is a native bilayer collagen membrane specially designed for dentists who prefer membranes with alternative handling properties compared to the No. 1 membrane in regenerative dentistry: Geistlich Bio-Gide®.1,2

  • “Cell-to-Cell Communication: Guided Bone Regeneration” is a masterful animation movie from Quintessence Publishing Group. Geistlich Biomaterials supported the production and now offers an exclusive short version.

  • Our experts discuss “Diagnostics and planning” – tailored to regenerative therapies.

  • A recently published study with 10 yrs of data shows that autologous bone blocks resorb only minimally if they are protected by a slowly resorbing bone substitute and a collagen membrane.1

  • 15 international specialists discussed the future of Guided Bone Regeneration with representatives of Geistlich Biomaterials at the Regeneration Leaders’ Meeting on 14 and 15 June 2016: “GBR – How old-fashioned is it really?” An overview film.

Verena Vermeulen
Scientific Communication Manager

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