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11. September 2018

New flyer “Your cookbook for gaining keratinized tissue - Geistlich Mucograft® in open healing” available!

The new flyer “Your cookbook for gaining keratinized tissue” provides an extensive insight into using Geistlich Mucograft® in open healing situations.

A sufficient width of keratinized tissue benefits soft tissue health and stability. A lack of keratinized tissue instead can be associated with soft tissue inflammation, attachment loss,1 and soft tissue recessions.2,3

The new flyer offers a detailed insight on how Geistlich Mucograft® acts and should be used to successfully gain keratinized width.

  • What role does the band of keratinized tissue play?
  • Why is signaling important in the development of keratinized tissue?
  • How do the compact and porous structure of Geistlich Mucograft® benefit wound healing?

Can you learn more from an expert?

You know - exactly like no other - how to make your patient happy. Geistlich Mucograft® and an expert’s opinion will contribute. This time, Dr. Christian Schmitt, Germany, demonstrates his treatment approach and summarizes the key factors for success. He shows how to use Geistlich Mucograft® for gaining keratinized width in an open healing set-up and verifies the fulfilled functionality and the esthetically pleasing outcomes with a 5-year follow-up.

In addition to the flyer, an easily understandable animated movie explains every action at the cellular level and puts the clinical outcomes into context.


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Dr. Mirjam Kessler
Director Corporate Communications
Verena Vermeulen
Scientific Communication Manager