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Meisinger's 10th Annual High Altitude Comprehensive Implant Symposium

28 January - 1 February 2020

The 10th Annual High Altitude Comprehensive Implant Symposium (Meisinger's HACIS) will feature lectures and optional hands-on workshops by world renowned speakers. There will be 7 limited attendance workshops. The participants will gain an understanding of current advancement for bone augmentation, prosthetic driven implant placement, digital technology and implant surgery: building a new standard, implant abutment design and clinical workflow in the esthetic zone. The Bone Management® is key to successful implant procedures. “Tissue is the Issue but Bone Sets the Tone". This course outlines implant treatment planning, site preparation, crestal sinus elevation, bone augmentation/transfer control, implant placement, surgical basics in implantology, and much more. Bone Management® is not simply limited to a technique but rather to a mindset and surgical guidelines.