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Hürzeler / Zuhr Master Class 2: Access and Regenerative Periodontal Surgery

Munich, Germany
November 12th - 14th 2020
Prof. Dr. Markus Hürzeler, Dr. Otto Zuhr


- Examination and diagnosis of patients with periodontal diseases

- Treatment planning protocols for patients with periodontal diseases

- Systematic periodontal therapy

- Surgical access therapy

- Regenerative periodontal therapy

- Max out periodontal therapy and hopeless teeth

Surgical interventions are only a small piece of the jigsaw puzzle for the successful management of patients with periodontal disease. In other words, even if executed using best practices and techniques, periodontal surgery procedures will not have a significant impact if they are not embedded in a practice environment that ensures that all the necessary phases of systematic periodontal treatment can be carried out in a competent manner.

This course does not dispense with the need to study the fundamentals of periodontology. However, the first part of this course module will teach you the most important theoretical aspects of establishing the structured approach needed for the systematic management of periodontal disease patients in private practice. Moreover, you will learn strategies for systematic treatment planning and indications for various periodontal surgical interventions required to achieve defined treatment goals according to established treatment concepts based on case studies in interactive work group discussions.

During these three days of training, you will focus on learning the microsurgical flap techniques needed, in particular, to perform regenerative periodontal surgery procedures. Intensive hands-on training with various training models and live surgeries will help you become skilled at planning and executing incision design, flap elevation, flap mobilization and flap stabilization techniques with a defect-specific approach. The skills learned in this course, up to an including the treatment of so-called hopeless teeth, will give you the foundation needed to manage patients with periodontal disease even more successfully in the future.