Geistlich Courses & Congresses

Advanced bone and soft tissue augmentation in implant dentistry

Turin, Italy
February 13th - 15th 2020
Prof Dr Daniele Cardaropoli


- Define a clinical decisional tree for the management of vertical and horizontal bone defects

- Understand the importance for a proper soft-tissue Integration to maintain long-term health and esthetics

- Learn the surgical techniques to rebuild the original soft tissue contour or to augment the lost bone volume

Why soft tissues are the key point when dealing with esthetics in implant dentistry? What is their biological role? Why pink esthetics, intended as the proper relationship between the implant fixture and the supported crown, is so important for the fi nal outcome of the therapy? The concept of soft-tissue integration is the new challenge in implant dentistry. Severe horizontal and vertical bone resorptions require lateral and supracrestal regeneration, a challenge for clinicians since the external soft tissue pressure is considered to be a major reason for failure of the surgical procedure in nonspacemaking bone defects. Guided bone regeneration using non-resorbable membranes, customized titanium mesh as well as compressed collagen membranes have been proposed for horizontal and vertical bone augmentation. Once hard tissue has been successfully augmented, an adequate soft tissue thickness becomes mandatory in order to create healthy and stable peri-implant tissues. During this 3-day workshop different surgical approaches will be discussed from horizontal and vertical bone regeneration to soft tissues augmentation. Different sites, different protocols, one goal: predictability.