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Novel Procedures and Biomaterials for Soft and Hard-Tissue Augmentation

Gold Coast, Australia
Saturday 24th August - 8:30am
Hands-On Course
Prof Leonardo Trombelli

Use of a New Volume-Stable Collagen Matrix (Geistlich Fibro-Gide)for Soft-Tissue Augmentation

Preservation or reconstruction of the peri-implant hard and soft-tissue contour is of paramount importance to ensure long-term health conditions and aesthetic outcome to the implant-supported rehabilitation. Surgical strategies aimed at managing the post-extraction alveolar socket with and without concomitant implant placement will be described and critically appraised.

The use of novel soft-tissue substitutes in conjunction will also be illustrated and discussed in different clinical scenarios.

Finally, a novel surgical procedure (the sub-periosteal peri-implant augmented layer (SPAL) technique) to augment the volume of peri-implant soft tissues will be thoroughly analysed.

• Illustrate the operative steps of surgical procedures to maintain the peri-implant profile prior to and during implant placement

• Describe in detail novel techniques to augment soft and hard peri-implant tissues, using new collagen matrices and/or graft biomaterials

This hands-on course is designed for practitioners with an interest in expanding their treatment options for  soft and hard-tissue augmentation.

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