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Horizontal Bone Augmentation: An Exploration of Alternate Approaches

Sydney, Australia
Friday 14th June 2019 - 8:30am
Hands-On Course
Dr Steve Soukoulis (Adelaide)

The theoretical and practical considerations for the Ridge Split and Khoury Bone Shield Procedures

Augmentation of deficient alveolar sites has come a long way in the last 20-30 years. The only predictable thing in dentistry is change and thankfully many positive changes have occurred with the advent of biomaterials that support dental professionals in seeking outstanding results in alveolar augmentation procedures.

Combining scientifically proven biomaterials with surgical protocols can improve the predictability of results when dealing with large and or complex alveolar deficiencies.

The utilisation of techniques, such as the ridge split procedure, along with the Khoury bone shield have been staple procedures in my practice and can actually be a continuum in technique.

This course will outline in detail the indications, surgical protocols and provide hands-on experience on how to quickly and confidently integrate these procedures into your surgical skill tool kit.

This course is designed for practitioners with an interest in expanding their treatment options for horizontal bone augmentation

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