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Sinus Floor Elevation | Augmentation | Soft Tissue Handling and Management of Complications

Sydney, NSW
Friday 16 - Saturday 17 October 2020
Prof Jürgen Hoffmann

A Practical 2 Day Course on Cadavers

Day 1 includes a full day in-depth theoretical introduction on the topics of anatomy, diagnostics, sinus floor elevation, surgical techniques, and soft-tissue handling. Alveolar ridge management is critical to the success of maintaining the health, aesthetics, and function of teeth and dental implants. Both autogenous grafts and biomaterials are currently used to maintain hard, and soft-tissue. A decision matrix will be discussed with the aid of case presentations.

The theoretical part of the program provides an overview of the literature and the evidence supporting contemporary ridge preservation and augmentation techniques. It will detail the surgical techniques and timing for sinus elevation and implant placement. The management of complications arising during and after sinus surgery will also be discussed.

Day 2 will be dedicated to the hands-on workshop on human cadaver specimens with a focus on sinus floor elevation and augmentation techniques using Piezo surgery and soft-tissue grafting procedures. The use of biomaterials and autogenous grafts as well as current research and further applications using collagen-based materials and growth factors will be discussed.
Learning objectives of this program:
• Present objectives, necessity and indications for ridge preservation and augmentation
• Discuss current techniques using autogenous tissue
• Practice techniques using innovative alternative materials
• Present current research and further applications using collagen-based materials and growth factors
• Soft tissue punch, free gingival graft (including harvesting of the graft from the palate) and soft-tissue alternatives
• Applying biomaterials, and using Piezo surgery techniques 
• How to properly perform bone harvesting procedures from intraoral sites respecting important anatomical structures
• How, when, and why to perform major reconstructions with autogenous bone blocks in combination with proven biomaterials
• How, when, and why bone splitting with inlay grafting is indicated
How to manage the most common potential complications of the techniques

This course is designed for practitioners with an interest in expanding their treatment options for major bone augmentation and sinus elevation.