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Master Course in Regenerative and Plastic-Esthetic Periodontal Surgery

ZMK Bern, Schweiz
26. - 28. Juni 2019
3 Tages Kurs mit live Operationen
Prof. Anton Sculean

This hands-on course will be delivered in small group workshops and will equip the student with the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve success even in complex cases. Participants will develop their biological understanding and surgical techniques to guide them during the decision-making process. The prerequisite for delivering dental implants in a correct three-dimensional position is to have sufficient volume of bone.

Moderate to severe bone defects are quite common and therefore constitute a significant challenge to the clinician. Skilled use of regenerative materials can overcome patients’ morbidity associated with the use of large autogenous grafts. This masterclass provides the knowledge and skills needed to use Guided Bone Regeneration techniques to allow dentists to manage severe alveolar bone defects with or without dental implants.

In addition, the course imparts regenerative techniques that can be used to save severely periodontally compromised teeth. This skillset will enable dentists to treat even the most challenging cases with cutting edge technology.

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