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Osteology Foundation: where we are now and where we are going – interview with Mariano Sanz

The motto ‘THE NEXT REGENERATION’ combines the Osteology Foundation’s key aspects in Barcelona 2019. This includes the next generation of regenerative therapies, i.e. the latest developments of techniques and technologies as well as the next generation of dentists – not only as attendees of the programme, but also featuring upcoming experts in the field of oral tissue regeneration. We spoke to Mariano Sanz, the President of the Osteology Foundation, on how the Osteology Foundation has developed since the last International Osteology Symposium in 2016 held in Monaco and the future goals of the Foundation.
October 01, 2018

Looking back, how has the Osteology Foundation developed in the last three years?

Mariano Sanz: The Osteology Foundation’s main mission is to link science with practice in the field of oral tissue regeneration and therefore, as new scientific advances and technologies have developed in this field during these last three years, the Osteology Foundation has significantly widened its activities. This has included the increase and diversification of the funding research programme, the widening of our research training programmes through the expansion of Oral Research Academy courses into South America and Asia, and the increase in our education and training programmes by establishing key collaborations with the most important global scientific associations.

What are the future goals of the Osteology Foundation?

Mariano Sanz: We have just elaborated a strategic plan projecting the course that the Osteology Foundation will take over the next 10–15 years. We envision the Osteology Foundation becoming a key global entity promoting research and education in the field of oral tissue regeneration.

A new generation of dentists is entering the field – how can the Osteology Foundation support their professional career?

Mariano Sanz: This global ambition of reaching every oral health professional can only be accomplished if we have the appropriate communication tools. Direct electronic contact with the individual professional must be combined with well-planned educational and scientific transfer activities which collaborate with the most prestigious associations and educational and scientific entities from around the world.

What tools has the Osteology Foundation developed to support these changing needs? 

Mariano Sanz: To fulfil this mission, the Osteology Foundation needs both human and technical resources. We have an elected Board and an Expert Council that includes the most prestigious researchers and clinicians in the field as well as exceptional, dedicated staff, all prepared to face these changing needs. As for technical resources, we have a powerful electronic platform (THE BOX) which beautifully serves the needs for direct education and communication between the individual dentist and our organisation.

What is new in Barcelona 2019 compared to Monaco in 2016?

Mariano Sanz: In Barcelona we would like to engage more young professionals, more interested dentists and for that we have prepared an exciting scientific programme combining lectures by the top international speakers with the upcoming new generations. We shall maintain the high quality scientific content that has always characterised the Osteology Foundation’s International Symposium, with newly designed modalities of interaction within the congress which will allow the most appropriate networking using current technologies. By transferring the international symposium from Monaco to Barcelona, we want to make this congress more accessible, mainly to young professionals and for that we have introduced special registration fees for them and have designed new activities specifically suited for their perceived needs.

What are you most looking forward to at Osteology Barcelona 2019?

Mariano Sanz: Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It perfectly shares modernity, culture, freshness and the light of the Mediterranean Sea. It has, therefore, a magnetic attraction to both young and older generations worldwide. Combined with the quality of the scientific programme and professional networking that we have come to expect at the Osteology Foundation’s International Symposia, this is the perfect cocktail for success. On a personal note, what will make this congress a very special one for me is that it’s taking place in my home country during my last year as President of the Osteology Foundation. I would love to personally welcome all delegates attending this International Symposium and I am sure that they will thoroughly enjoy both the congress, this beautiful city and the well-established Spanish culture, culinary delights and hospitality. 


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